Canberra Slambouree

Canberra Slambouree is sort of a poetry slam run by Fi, Aaron, Raphael Kabo and Zoe Anderson. It happens on the last Friday of the month at The Front Cafe and Gallery, Lyneham. Find out more, including an FAQ and details on this month's event, at our facebook group.

Image courtesy Adam Thomas

Slambouree is the newest iteration of the long running poetry slam at The Front Cafe and Gallery. Essentially we wanted to reboot it to make a space for local poets to deploy advanced spoken word techniques, including music or props or A/V or strange aural accompaniments, ghost lights, the water-face, false legs etc etc.

Canberra already has a really good poetry slam and we wanted to do something a bit different. We're kind of proud of some of the little amendments we've made to the format, including judging: we get judges to cast votes for their favourite acts, which are then drawn out of a hat to determine the winners. Poetry slams have always been a bit arbitrary, we just want to put that aspect of things up in lights.

Also we award badges for performing particular kinds of poems, or performing poems in a particular way (but the exact details are a secret until you are awarded a badge (or not, as the case may be!))!

Here are some of our badges. What are they awarded for? Only Brown Owl knows for sure.


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