Kangaroo and Goose is an ongoing reflexive creative process. Illustration follows text - a new cycle every week. 

Aaron and Fiona performed live as Kangaroo and Goose at the 2016 National Folk Festival, writing and drawing art objects for three hours a day in the Festival's Session Bar. 

We used existing Kangaroo and Goose artworks to make tarot cards. "Customers" of Kangaroo and Goose were given readings of this peculiar tarot and then subject to a brief interview. Results of the reading and interview were used as prompts for the art objects.

The shtick was mystic interdimensional space bureaucrat. Kangaroo and Goose had arrived to earth via a liminal slipway with the mission of producing identity cards for some unknown universal authority. Their modes were underhand and subterfugious. Customers were delighted with what they believed to be beautifully illustrated poems, completely unaware that their information had been collected in a strange and terrifying database. Or maybe they were slightly aware. Kangaroo and Goose's strange quasi-soviet backwards-talking ways might have given away more than was intended. 

In any case, the artifacts / identity cards went over well on instagram:

Kangaroo and Goose may continue their mission at a festival near you, in the past or the future, whether that means anything to those shady characters. 

Smoke Trail

The Djinn

A sure shot for writer’s block – dip your pen in a water glass – and watch for the newly summoned djinn. He’ll appear as a blue wraith – if you’re using blue ink – and swirl his smoke trail through the glass – seeking stories from the specks and grains that have found their way to you through exotic sewers and rain squalls, blown glass and brass fittings.

He finds a tiny particle of a cane cutter’s hat circa 1926, and hears about his dabbling with the black arts in Europe during the first world war. He sees a few motes that were once in a woman’s teeth, chipped during a boxing match. Finds some atoms of moon glass smuggled to earth by Buzz Aldrin.

As you watch he’ll be collecting these stories for you, but also disappearin’, using them to buy his freedom back to the realm of pure creative inspiration from whence he’s originatin’, so let him collect em but no so long that he takes them all aways with him - wait til he’s just about to snick into the clear and drink him down. His stories are your now.

So pick up the pen – and go.

o o 

Two Poles

Stare into
Into in2
In two
Stare in two.

Into two poles
Two poles
Toop holes
Stare in to two poles

Intoop two
Poles and gorges
Goals and purges
Stare in to two gaols.

Cartographic continental
(pornographic fundamental)
Half my gripes are
Stare into two holes.

Stare Into

Insect Brain

The insect brain compels you 

    towards the light; or 
    above ground, in case of rain.

No fighting its pinprick impulse. 

    the ant's industriousness; or 
    the grasshopper's joie de vivre

I feel like I deserve bony carapace,
chitin armour, sequin wings
and savage horns and pincers.

I can't get up in the morning, 
and the really good days 
are always over before the age of five. 

Here's who I identify with most:
Corydalidae Corydalus
the Peruvian dobsonfly.

He's a preposessing fellow, with his
segmented eyes and dandy's mandibles
stares into water, doesn't know why.

The Terminal

Sleep in the corner of my eye (and awake in my dreamings)

Here is the digital limit: 
The terminal callous afforded us. 
Anything else is miraculous.
Don't let the eye creep in
to direct this meditation:
This is the fight
Against mediation


The Cubes

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