Aaron and Fiona performed live as Kangaroo and Goose at the 2016 National Folk Festival, writing and drawing art objects for three hours a day in the Festival's Session Bar. 

We used existing Kangaroo and Goose artworks to make tarot cards. "Customers" of Kangaroo and Goose were given readings of this peculiar tarot and then subject to a brief interview. Results of the reading and interview were used as prompts for the art objects.

The shtick was mystic interdimensional space bureaucrat. Kangaroo and Goose had arrived to earth via a liminal slipway with the mission of producing identity cards for some unknown universal authority. Their modes were underhand and subterfugious. Customers were delighted with what they believed to be beautifully illustrated poems, completely unaware that their information had been collected in a strange and terrifying database. Or maybe they were slightly aware. Kangaroo and Goose's strange quasi-soviet backwards-talking ways might have given away more than was intended. 

In any case, the artifacts / identity cards went over well on instagram:

Kangaroo and Goose may continue their mission at a festival near you, in the past or the future, whether that means anything to those shady characters. 

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