Kangaroo and Goose is an ongoing reflexive creative process. Illustration follows text - a new cycle every week. 

Performance Art Thieves

Balled fist



one against the other

cupro-nickel scratch.

Performance art thieves stalk our city's unsuspecting mimes interpretive dancers street poets yellers and stampers put a hand out instead of a trickle of change it's transference  - masked devils get away under cover of the new darkness with billions in priceless cries and gestures - former performance artists mostly end up on the moon in one of the water harvesting colonies or sometimes at the polar cadmium mines - zombie victims of the golden age of dactylology.

Finger slits

the tableau's side


balled fist 

cupro-nickel scratch.

Kangaroo and Goose

He yelled, "kangaroo and goose! Kangaroo and GOOSE! KANGAROO AND GOOSE!"



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