Primal Screen

The world's first IRL social network, Primal Screen was online for one night only at the Phoenix Pub Canberra as the closing sporagmos of You Are Here 2015. Aaron worked with Cohen Gum, who designed the graphics and built the excellend set. The event featured Canberra social media luminaries and Raphael Kabo as White Kanye, master of the live feed. 

Photo courtesy Adam Thomas

Practically, Primal Screen is a cross between a game show and a debate, in which contestents are asked to make the most popular arguments possible about particular social media topics du jure (gamergate, etc). 'Popular' was judged by the audience, who threw rubber iPhone replicas at the contestents they liked. 

Here's how we sold it: 

"Do you find yourself going to social events or arts happenings only to find yourself caressing your pocket monolith, following the much more interesting conversations online instead? Primal Screens is for you. For one night only, The Phoenix will be transformed into a live-action social media network where YOU can immerse yourself in life, social media style. Featuring a bevy of Canberra's best social media accountholders and yours truly, as the webmaster."

Photo courtesy Adam Thomas

Nick Delatovic, You Are Here producer, said Primal Screen 'soared' in front of a packed Phoenix.


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